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Alessandro SANNINO


Alessandro Sannino

Bari, 1972. Chemical Engineer, PhD in Polymer Technology at University of Naples, Post Doc in Bioengineering at MIT, Cambridge, USA, is Full Professor of Polymer Technology and Biomaterials at the University of Salento, Italy.

Board Member of the Puglia District of Technology and of the Puglia Regional Agency for Tech Transfer (ARTI). Nominated expert member of ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) in 2011 for Tissue Engineering, Board member of the LENS (Non-linear Spectroscopy European Lab) acted as a consultant for COTEC, a Foundation of the Italian President of the Republic.

Author of more than 100 papers and book chapters and more than 20 international patents. Received the approval of Ethical Committees of primary International Hospitals for tens of human studies based on his findings. Founded several start up companies with a cumulative fund raising of more than 100 million USD, received the Fierce 15 award in 2011 for one of them (elected among the 15 most promising biotech company of the year in US). Was awarded for several national and international prizes for his research and tech transfer activity.