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Daniela Erminia MANNO



 Daniela Manno (1960) graduated in Physics (magna cum laude) in 1994. She attended courses specializing in electron microscopy both in Italy (roma and Bologna) and abroad (Leeds, Oxford, Bristol) from 1985 to 1988 and benefited from scholarships for CNR research in the morphological and structural characterization of bulk materials and thin films with transmission electron microscopy techniques (1988-1991).

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Lecce (26-06-1992).

Associate Professor (science disciplinary Fis 01 - Experimental Physics) at the Faculty of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences of University of Salento (from 01-12-01).

Develops research activity in the field of the Experimental Physics. His current research focuses on the development of nanotechnology. The main activities of his research is the synthesis, structural and morphological characterization and applications of nanostructured systems based both on metal and hybrid structures organic / inorganic (core / shell).

His main occupation involves morphological and structural characterisation by suitable techniques of electron microscopy. This research activity, like documented from his scientific banns, allowed her to get the following remarkable results:

1) Development of sensors both resistive and optical.

2) Development of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermic applications.

3) Development of nanostructured films having piezoelectric properties.

4) Functionalization of metal oxide nanoparticles to enhance their photocatalytic properties for water purification.

She is also responsible of "Laboratory of physics applied to material science PAMS-Lab" of DiSTeBA - University of Salento.


She is author of more than 130 publications in addition to several invited contributions (h-index 22, citations >1500). She is referee for prestigious editorial scientific publications (Elsevier, IOP, AIP) and scientific evaluation agencies (ANVUR).