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Short CV (detailed CV attached)


He graduated 'Magna cum Laude' in 1980 at Sapienza University of Rome and obtained the PhD degree in Physics in 1984 at University of Texas at Austin. His PhD was supervised by John Archibald Wheeler, Richard Matzner, Steven Weinberg (Nobel Physics 1979), Bryce DeWitt and Larry Shepley. From 1984 to 1988 he was a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin teaching General Physics as lecturer and research associate. 


He has been working and publishing a number of papers with some of the top international physicists in General Relativity and gravitational physics, such as John Archibald Wheeler, with whom he wrote the book Gravitation and Inertia, Princeton University Press (Awarded as the best US book in physics and astronomy, see below), and Roger Penrose.


He is the international Principal Investigator for ASI (Italian Space Agency) of the LAser RElativity Satellite (LARES) mission, a space mission to improve tests of General Relativity and gravitational physics.


Main Honours, Awards, Fellowships and Mentions


1987: USA National Research Council Award for JPL-Caltech. 

1996: Award of the US "American Association of Publishers" as author (with John A. Wheeler) of the best 1995 professional and scholar book in physics and astronomy (Gravitation and Inertia, Princeton University Press).

2001: International Tomassoni-Chisesi Award for Physics of Sapienza, University of Rome, awarded in Rome by Nicola Cabibbo.

2006: “Chiamata per chiara fama” by “Sapienza” University of Rome.

2007: Cover of the 6th September 2007 issue (n. 449) of Nature dedicated to his research on tests of General Relativity using Earth’s artificial satellites.

2010: International Occhialini Prize and Medal of the British Institute of Physics (IOP) and SIF, awarded in London by the president of IOP-UK, Jocelyn Bell Burnell. 

2012: Team Award of the Italian Space Agency for the LARES mission.

2016. Cover of the 2016 issue (n. 76) of European Physics Journal C dedicated to his research on tests of General Relativity using Earth’s artificial satellites.

See the detailed CV attached and at: http://www.ignaziociufolini.it/home_en.html