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Maria Grazia DE GIORGI


She is Assistant Professor in the field of Aerospace Propulsion, at the Faculty of  Engineering, University of Salento (Italy), Italy. The main research and professional activities were carried out in the fields of Aerospace Propulsion, Energy,Environment.  The main activities topics are Aerospace Propulsion, Combustion, Environmental Impact, Energy Saving.

In 2003 she took the University Doctorate in Energy System and Environment, with a thesis on "Two-phase flows for industrial applications", at University of Salento, Italy. In 2001 she took the Diploma Course in Industrial Fluid Dynamics, with honours, Von Karman Institute, Bruxelles, Belgium. In 2000 she took the University Degree in Material Engineering, thesis on "Fluid dynamic analysis of cavitation in machine", University of Salento, Italy.
She was involved in several basic and applied research and development projects, in collaboration with the industries. The projects regard applied fluid dynamic for industrial design, especially in the field of multiphase flows, experiments and simulations of cavitating flows, simulations of hydrofoils performances, simulation of combustion processes, NOx reduction in coal burners, artificial neural networking for wind power prediction. She was involved in the research activities of a national research program, in collaboration with other Universities, regarding the improvement of Diesel engines control, performing multiple and early injections, to control combustion behavior. During the project, the effects on Diesel combustion of the formation of a partial premixed charges were investigated, as well as the possibilities to innovative application of sensors for engine control and monitoring.
She is author of more than 100 papers, published in international journals or presented at international and national congresses and symposia. The scientific activities were developed in the fields of active flow control, combustion of lean flame, unsteady and two-phase fluid-dynamic inside machines and apparatus, thermo and fluid dynamic applied to industrial processes simulation, cavitation in Diesel control valve, industrial energy applications and related environmental subjects, energy recovery from biomass, industrial processes. In the field of the aerospace propulsion, the research activities were developed in the fields of the use of the cryogenic fuels, with particular regard to the cavitation effects, and in the field of mixing and combustion in LOx/CH4 spray under supercritical conditions.