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Marta Madaghiele graduated in Materials Engineering, summa cum laude, at the University of Lecce, Italy (2003). During her Ph.D. Program in Materials Engineering at the same University (2004-2008), she focused her research activities on the development of polymer-based porous scaffolds for tissue engineering, as well as on the synthesis of biocompatible hydrogels for several biomedical applications. She performed part of her Doctoral Research Program at the VA Tissue Engineering Laboratories of the VA Boston HealthCare System, in Boston, MA, USA, working on the design of collagen-based scaffolds for spinal cord regeneration in an animal model, and collaborating with the Fibers and Polymers Lab at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA. After a post-doc fellowship, she is currently a researcher (non-tenure-track position) at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the University of Salento (formerly University of Lecce). Her main research interests deal with the synthesis and characterization of polymeric devices for biomedical applications, including: collagen-based scaffolds for regenerative medicine, with a special focus on the peripheral and central nervous systems; polymeric micro- and nano-spheres for the controlled delivery of biomolecules; hydrogels for cell encapsulation; hydrogels as soft tissue fillers and scaffolds.